Write CSS specific to IE

Sometimes, we need to write CSS only for IE because fixing IE will cause problem in another browser such as FireFox: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28417056/how-to-target-only-ie-any-version-within-a-stylesheet


Adding external links in Single Page Nav JQuery plugin

Plugin page 'filter' - By default, the plugin will be applied to all links within the container, use this to filter out certain links using jquery's built in filter method (e.g. ':not(.external)') Example: ┬áIn html file ... external">Google In .js file $('.navigation').singlePageNav({ currentClass : 'active', filter: ':not(.external)' });  

flexbox align-items stretch not working in Safari and Solution

Problem Left and right boxes heights' should be equal. Solution .parent-of-left-right-containers { display: flex; flex-direction: column; } .right-container { flex: 1; } Thanks to CSS Tricks! Update (Sep 5, 2016) IE hack was needed. Someone mentioned on StackOverflow that flex: 1 and flex: 1 1 auto are NOT the same on IE. I forgot save … Continue reading flexbox align-items stretch not working in Safari and Solution

Flexbox bug in IE 10-11

  Source Flex child's width (p element) is exceeding parent's width. Add a css rule for child: .child { flex: 1 0 auto; } or .child { flex: 1 0; }   Centering a div inside another div horizontally and vertically I had to set outer div height explicitly to center the inner div vertically … Continue reading Flexbox bug in IE 10-11