Adding Menu Items to Cocoa Application’s Main Menu Programatically

I cannot find a way to add menu items to Cocoa application's main menu programatically. In Cocoa developer documentation, I find only removing items programmatically. Eventually, I added menu items in Interface Builder of XCode and control them from code.


Write CSS specific to IE

Sometimes, we need to write CSS only for IE because fixing IE will cause problem in another browser such as FireFox:

trace() to get the latest code in Flash CS6

Sometimes, developing Adobe Air desktop applications in Flash CS6 doesn't reflect the latest code updates in ActionScript. I added trace() statements in code to debug, and that resulted in correct behavior of the application.

A Strange Bug in AS3 CheckBox

I use AS3 checkbox and change its label in Flash CS6. In AS code, I update the selected state of the checkbox but it's not working. I remove it and use a new checkbox without changing its label. And I change the selected state of the checkbox in AS code, and it works. Why??

Installing, uninstalling SAS software on Windows 10

Today I tried to uninstall an old version of SAS software on Lenovo yoga laptop running Windows 10. Nothing came up when I clicked on uninstall. I installed a new version without uninstalling the older version. Both of them were¬†not working. Uninstalling didn't work. So I deleted both SAS folders in C:\Program Files and deleted … Continue reading Installing, uninstalling SAS software on Windows 10

ComboBox in Flash CS6 seems to have bug

I am developing an Adobe Air desktop application for Windows. I use ComboBox component in Flash CS6. A movie clip in Flash CS6 is linked to an ActionScript class. In constructor method, I call length property, selectedItem property of ComboBox but runtime error occurs. I change to radio buttons instead. I love Flash¬†& ActionScript, and … Continue reading ComboBox in Flash CS6 seems to have bug