What is XBX?

The XBX plan – Ten Basic Exercises – for women was developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force
inspired by the 5BX fitness plan for men, devised by Dr. Bill Orban.

The idea is that you perform these exercises for only 12 minutes a day to achieve a reasonably high level of fitness. There are targets/chart levels to aim for, (based upon age) and once you have reached your personal target, you only have to perform the exercises 3 times a week to maintain your level of fitness.

The XBX plan is a physical fitness program composed of 4 charts of 10 exercise, arranged in progressive order of difficulty. The ten exercises on each chart are always performed in the same order, and in the same maximum time limit.
The charts are divided into levels. There are 48 levels in all, 12 in each chart. The levels are numbered consecutively, starting with 1 at the bottom of Chart I and ending with 48 at the top of Chart IV.
In addition to the regular exercise, 2 supplemental exercise are available for Chart I, II, and III. These exercises are for the muscles of the feet and the ankles and for those muscles which assist in the maintenance of good posture.

See the exercises here: http://www.fit450.com


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